Saturday, July 28, 2012

BAY ART BLOG: Moliniere Underwater Sculpture Park

  This magical underwater art exhibit, thought to be found only in dreamful voyages, can be found in the Caribbean Ocean off the west coast of Grenada, West Indies.  In 2006 sculptor, photographer and environmentalist Jason de Caires Taylor opened to the public, the world's first underwater sculpture park to educate and inspire the public about the importance of coral reefs.

  Listed as one of the the top twenty-five wonders of the world by National Geographic, over sixty-five cement figurative forms offer an extraordinary experience for divers while creating an essential habitat for aquatic life.  Algae, sponges, fish, turtles, snails, crustaceans and mollusks now have a new home while it aids to relieve pressure on natural reefs that have decreased over time.  Pollution, water temperature and hurricanes such as Ivan and Emily in 2004, are a few of the causes that have affected Grenada's reefs.   

Jason deCaires Taylor

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