Thursday, January 5, 2012


Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyre, 1868, oil on canvas
Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyre, The Bath, 1868 oil on canvas.
Image courtesy of The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia.

  One of my favorite painting is the 1868 oil on canvas by Marc Gabriel Charles Gleyre, The Bath. Gleyre, a Swiss artist and teacher, taught young artists like Claude Monet, Pierre Renoir and James Abbott Whistler. He was known for spending years on his paintings and only a few are in the United States today.

  The Bath depicts a Roman household of two beautiful women bathing an angelic baby boy. Gleyre derived the subject from a terra-cotta relief and produced several sketches.  It was painted for John Taylor Johnston, first president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a well-known New York art collector.

  I'm inspired by Gleyre's hard work ethic and his color pallette. The peaches and cream skin tones are gorgeous. This painting offers wonderful details to fill my imagination of a time long ago.  I encourage you to visit Bay Babies and the Chrysler Museum to discover more treasures. 

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